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Nick Lea Daily
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Similar to the other Daily communities, this comm is for Nicholas Lea, who is best known for his portrayal of Alex Krycek on The X-Files.


1) Off-topic posts will be deleted. Please make sure that all posts relate to Nick Lea.
2) Please do not discuss Nick's private life. Any posts that do will be deleted.
3) Discussion of his career will be allowed, as long as the originating post has at least one photo of Nick in the post.
4) Unless you have explicit permission from webmasters/mistresses, please, for the love of Nick, do not direct link! This is considered to be bad netiquette. There are several websites that allow free image hosting and direct linking, including Photobucket and Image Shack.
5) Have fun. I cannot stress this enough. :)

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thirdsouthobbi and dragon_lord